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TABLE SOL A solar charged dining table - simply brilliant

"Unique today - tomorrow's standard".

World-leading solar charging table

Discover an innovative and unique new piece of dining furniture:

The "Table SOL" - a portable device charging table which uses solar energy - for terraces and outdoors!

Designed for the hospitality industry; hotel and catering professionals, this external solar table is equipped with a photovoltaic solar panel allowing users sitting in a café, restaurant or hotel garden to freely recharge their electronic devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops, portable game consoles and many more) through its two USB 5 Volts / 2 Amps and two coaxial connectors, one for PC 19 Volts / 3.5 Amps and another of 14.5 Volts / 3.5 Amps for Mac.

The “Table Sol” table offers each user total independence. Thanks to cells equipped with individual bypass diodes, even if the photovoltaic panel is partially covered, the table will not suffer in the amount of energy it can produce. This means you can safely place plates of food, cups of coffee or indeed your device on the table with a very low reduction in photovoltaic panel performance.

This innovative outdoor furniture is unique to the market and is offered exclusively on our site. Browse through the site to discover more about the solar powered charging table, its many uses and how to purchase the table.

With "Table SOL", you optimise the comfort of your customers and build customer loyalty..

"Table SOL" is a futuristic outdoor table to energise and engage your customers!

Discover our solar energy table - the latest eco friendly furniture

Discover the exact specifications of the table and the product’s numerous advantages on this page. The solar energy table is new on the market and will revolutionise the hospitality industry with a new piece of eco-friendly furniture, which will allow users sitting at the table to charge their portable devices using solar energy with no need to use a traditional power source.

Product Information

  • Square: photovoltaic dining table for terraces and outdoor spaces (dimensions: 70x70 cm. or 60x60 cm.).
  • Thickness: 5 cm.
  • Rounded corners: (radius of 12mm.).
  • Solar panel: mounted on a base of 75 cm (or 113 cm depending on usage).
  • Autonomous recharging station: For smartphones, tablets, laptops and other portable devices, the solar energy table is composed of photovoltaic panels (above the table), a plywood panel (support), a hatch, a battery, a printed circuit board, a connection circuit, a ventilation circuit, a base and a charger.
  • Base: Iron paint in epoxy powder coating.
  • Tilt head: Auto locked this system can help you to have a faster reload battery By adjustable inclination according to the sol high position in sky. This head can adjust every 15 degrees from zero to sixty degrees.

Technical Details

  • Top: Tempered glass photovoltaic panels composed of 36 mono crystalline cells providing 45 Watts for the table 60x60 and 40 mono crystallines cells providing 67 Watts for the 70x70.
  • Body: Marine plywood laminated with Bakelite sheet.
  • Edge band: PVC REACH standard for fixing and sealing of the table surface. With 2 line phosphorescent.
  • Hatch: Perforated metal plate (removable) for closing the PCBA housing and battery.
  • Battery: Lithium ion battery 14.4 volts capacity of 10,400 mAh.
  • PCBA: Multifunction (charge regulator, power consertisseur, power controller and charge indicator).
  • Connection Circuit Female coaxial to plug  power supplier 220 AC / 18Volt DC 3.5 Amps to reload the battery after long time no solar exposition one output male coaxial for PC 19V 3.5A and one female coaxial plug for Mac 14.5V 3.5A and 2 USB for Smart phone and other device 5V 2A.
  • Ventilation System : 2 fan controlled by thermos switcher.


The “Table SOL” has many advantages for professionals in the catering and hospitality industry. The principle advantages are:

  • Simultaneous connection of multiple portable devices.
  • Energy distributed continuously.
  • Accessibility features.
  • Quality design.
  • Non-bulky.
  • A sunny climate allows full battery charge in just 4 hours. A full battery charge can charge around 25 smartphones fully.
  • Great way to gain customer satisfaction.
  • The catering furniture company SOL NRG advocates the increasing use of solar energy. We have designed a high-tech system that is not bulky, so the size of the table is not an obstacle, it is possible to arrange it wherever you want: on a terrace, garden, balcony, patio and any outdoor space. The table is very useful and the improved design of the table ensures it is a great way to increase the use of natural energy.
  • Your customers can charge their devices at no extra cost to your energy bill!
  • The table can be folded to a 90-degree angle, ensuring that it takes up less space when in storage.

Green program

Catering furniture SOL-NRG advocates the extension of the use of solar energy. We designed a high-tech system that is not bulky so that the size of the outer table is not an obstacle, it is possible to arrange it wherever you want: terrace, garden, balcony, patio ... Very useful and improve designed catering table SOL-NRG is all a great way to increase the efficiency of natural energy and totally free.


Below you will find a presentation of our SOL NRG Tables. The SOL table uses solar power to charge your client’s device so they stay longer in your establishment, come back more frequently and certainly tell their friends about what a great establishment you are. Please find out more about the SOL table.


By equipping your patio or garden with outdoor SOL-NRG tables, you invest in a cost-effective solution: you gain in customer satisfaction and set yourself apart from the competition!


Adjustable catering furniture: possibility of inclining the top of the table to optimize the orientation of the photovoltaic panels and accelerate the charging of the battery during the non-use of the horizontal plane of the table. It is also possible to tilt the table top to 90º during storage.


"Connected" catering table: with an ultra trendy and modern look, it offers the user the advantage of freely connecting their device to use and charge (Smartphone, Digital Tablet, laptop, portable game handsets, etc …)


Table SOL is not simply a table: it is a high-tech quality professional furniture offering customers an essential service.


Professional catering furniture in a well improved design bringing style to your outdoor space and decoration. An elegant table combining beauty and utility.


SOL NRG has two product Classic and Deluxe the difference is Deluxe are more adapted to an intensive usage The 36 By pass give the possibility to reload the battery of the table whatever this one are partially cover buy the user Mean with same usage the Deluxe will reload himself more easily than Classic one

Dimensions : are the same 60x60
Panel and cell : are the same 18Volt 2.5 Amp 45 Watt
Diodes : are different Classic 4 By pass (one by line) Deluxe 36 (one by demi cell )
Charges time : is same 4 hours in normal average condition but this depend of the sun power, orientation, sky atmosphere condition, and the temperature
Capacity of the Battery are the same 174.72 Watt

Power output have 3 kind : 2 of 5Volt 2Amp 1 of 20Volt 3.5Amp 1 of 16Volt 3.5Amp.

We have also another table size 70x70 also can be Standard and Deluxe withe same characteristic But can reload faster and more easily, because the panel are 20Volt 3.35 Amp 67 Watt

Comparison Chart

  • Dimensions
  • Panel
  • Diods
  • Capacity
  • Charge time
  • Power output


  • 60x60cm
  • laminated glass
  • 4 "By pass"
  • 174.72W
  • 4 hours
  • 76W to 90W


  • 60x60cm
  • laminated glass
  • 36 "By pass"
  • 174.72W
  • 4 hours
  • 76W to 90W


At Sol NRG we offer green power solutions for businesses and are delighted to keep you up to date with the latest moves and news in solar technology. In the 21st Century, we believe it is important to find solutions to our power usage and we feel that investment in solar technology is an important manner in which we can improve the environment for the future. Follow our blog here to keep up to date with the latest company and solar technology news.

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