Solar table

OnTable is an autonomous recharging station. It is a solution suitable for all outdoor locations and will provide your customers' clientele with a chance to charge their portable electronic devices. OnTable can be places anywhere – on the patio or balcony, on terraces, on the deck of a yacht or even next to a camping tent.

OnTable converts solar energy into usable green energy and stores it in a built-in battery, ready to charge users' electronic devices devices. Our OnTable is portable and conveniently sized at 57x57x75 cm, so your customers have a choice of how to arrange and where to place OnTable.

Providing your customers' visitors, employees and clientele with access to a power outlet in an outdoor environment is a service that will guarantee the WOW-factor for their business and will give them a competitive edge. OnTable is a unique product embodying an innovative concept.


The product has varied charging capabilities and is able to charge any electronic device compatible with a USB power socket. OnTable is also equipped with an extractable lithium ion battery with an amazing capacity of 10,400mA. The extractable battery can be independently charged using a simple 220V AC - 5V DC 3A transformer. This means that OnTable can also be used as a power bank, regardless of location or sunlight conditions! OnTable is compatible with all devices capable of charging using a USB port that provides DC up to 5V 2A.

OnTable can be used to charge up to two devices simultaneously, while incurring no charges whatsoever on your customers' electricity bill. It has a sleek design, is durable and weather-proof. OnTable can be easily and comfortably stowed away by folding it to a 90-degree angle.

Its photovoltaic module is set in solid wooden teak  frame which gives it a stylish and futuristic look. OnTable's table-top can be tilled up to a 60-degree angle, to maximize solar exposure and reduce charging time.

OnTable is the cost-effective, green and innovative product you have been waiting for to energize and engage your customers. It will make them to stand out in the sun.

Product Information
  • Square: photovoltaic dining table for terraces and outdoor spaces (dimensions: 57x57x75cm.)
  • Extractable battery allows for independent charging of battery, regardless of location or sunlight conditions.
  • Tilt head: Auto locked this system can help you to have a faster reload battery By adjustable inclination according to the sol high position in sky. This head can adjust every 15 degrees from zero to sixty degrees.
Technical Details
  • Top: Tempered glass photovoltaic panels composed of 36 mono crystalline cells providing 45 Watts for the table 60x60
  • Body: Photovoltaic module set in solid wooden teak frame.
  • Battery: Lithium ion battery 14.4 volts capacity of 10,400 mAh.

OnTable has many advantages for professionals in the catering and hospitality industry. The principal advantages are:

  • Simultaneous connection of multiple portable devices.
  • Energy distributed continuously.
  • Accessibility features.
  • Quality design.
  • Non-bulky.
  • A sunny climate allows full battery charge in just 4 hours. A full battery charge can charge around 25 smartphones fully.
  • Can be act as an independent power bank regardless of location and sunlight conditions.
  • Extractable battery allows for independent charging of battery with a 220V AC - 5V DC 3A transformer.
  • Great way to gain customer satisfaction.
  • The catering furniture company On&On advocates the increasing use of solar energy. We have designed a high-tech system that is not bulky, so the size of the table is not an obstacle, it is possible to arrange it wherever you want: on a terrace, garden, balcony, patio and any outdoor space. The table is very useful and the improved design of the table ensures it is a great way to increase the use of natural energy.
  • Your customers can charge their devices at no extra cost to your energy bill!
  • The table can be folded to a 90-degree angle, ensuring that it takes up less space when in storage.


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Solar table

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