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On&On is a company dedicated to the creation of innovative solutions for businesses looking to harness solar energy for the benefit of their customers.

In our day and age we have become more and more reliant on electric energy to sustain our every-day activates. For a long time now access to electricity is considered a necessity, rather than a luxury. However, in our current society obtaining such access has become an obsession.

People are constantly mindful of their need to recharge or power-up their mobile phone, laptops and other portable electronic devices. Access to electricity is a considerable part of every person's journey planning – whether it's their daily commute to work, setting up a lunch-date or a weekend spent camping.

Our Goal

Our aim is to satisfy the ever-growing demand for a "power-up" in locations where conventional power outlets are not available, by harnessing the power of the sun. Solar energy is the energy of choice for the 21st century - clean, efficient, ecofriendly and abundant.

Providing customers, visitors or employees with an easily acceptable, readily available, highly reliable source of energy should be a top priority for every business owner looking for a competitive advantage.

We, at On&On, are providing the technologic solutions needed to convert solar energy into usable green energy, wherever the conventional power grid is not available or undesirable. Our products are innovative, durable, stylish and cost-efficient.

Solar table
Solar table

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Solar table

Are you looking for your next marketing success? Have you been searching for a new high-end product to distribute? Look no further – OnTable is just the product you've been waiting for!

The Founders

On&On was conceptualized in 2013 by its founders, Mr. Patrick Hecht and renowned French designer Mr. Jeff Rolet. Mr. Hecht's decades worth of expertise in the field of furniture, along with Mr. Rolet's design of a solar panel equipped table, have come together to create On&On signature product – OnTable.

Much design and engineering effort was put into creating OnTable. Nevertheless, the hard work payed off, as the vision of OnTable materialized into a full blown success. On&On along with OnTable participated in the famous 2014 Equip Hotel Show in Paris, where OnTable was awarded the Most Innovative Product award.

Since then OnTable has been marketed with great success to locations and venues in the hospitality business throughout France, Italy, Croatia, Israel and others.

On&On is continuing on its marvels path of providing green energy solutions to the outdoors with new, innovative and creative products due to debut soon.

Solar table

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